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Restoration Facility in Tampa, Florida

Bring your furniture back to life with refinishing, restoration, and repair services from our facility in Tampa, Florida. Since 1987, Southern Transit Repair, Inc. has been providing you with in-home furniture repairs and touchups as well as complete restoration and refinishing services to the public, moving and insurance industry. Contact us today for more information.

Keep the Furniture You Love

Here at Southern Transit Repair, Inc., we work hard to provide you with an affordable alternative to buying new furniture.
By revamping and customizing your old furnishings, our specialists are able to help you create a new and unique style for your home at a fraction of the cost. Come take a look at our great quality workmanship for yourself.

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Furniture & Cabinetry: Repair • Restoration • Refinishing
Claims Analyst For House-Hold Damage Claims
Contact our office at (813) 968-7440 to breathe new life into your favorite sofas, chairs, tables
and antiques or for estimates for house-hold damage claims.
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