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Furniture & Cabinetry Restoration, Refinishing, & Repair in Tampa, Florida

Make your furniture look like new again with refinishing, restoration, and repair services from our store in Tampa, Florida. Southern Transit Repair, Inc. is ready to help you revolutionize your home with our services.

Living room, Furniture Restoration in Tampa, FL 

Dining room, Furniture Restoration in Tampa, FL

Furniture Repair
You don't have to throw away that beloved furniture when it breaks; you just need to bring it to our professionals. With our furniture repair services, we can help you make your table, sofa, or any other type of wood furniture look good as new again.
Furniture Restoration
Restore your furniture back to its original condition with the help of Southern Transit Repair, Inc. With our furniture restoration services, we meet your complete satisfaction.
Furniture Refinishing
Have your wood furniture refinished to give it new life with the help of our furniture repair store. Our team takes off the old finish and puts on a brand-new one that is sure to make your furniture look beautiful.
Claims Analyst
We provided estimates for house-hold damage claims to the public as well as the moving and insurance industry.
Fire & Water Damages
We handle fire and water damage claims.

Cabinetry repair, restoration and refinishing for kitchen, bath, etc.

Elevator Remodeling & Refinishing

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